At Train Recover Win, we supply the knowledge, services and resources you and your team need to track and improve “readiness” to be more successful!

  • Athletes optimize performance when they’re able to train intensely and then most effectively recover.
  • Many athletes are training hard, but they’re not training appropriately; not recovering; which leads to lack luster performances, injury and drop out.
  • With the development of modern wearable technology we can track athletes, improve training, lower injuries and prevent drop outs of athletes who are mal-adapting to the training process.
  • With the added availability of cannabis based products, recovery and readiness can be supplemented.

We are able to better understand athletes, improve their training, lower injuries, and prevent drop outs for those who are mal-adapting to the training process. Best practices in human performance development combined with the right technology tools and recovery products that enable sports scientists to achieve results like never before.

Athletes are able to optimize performance when they train intensely and then effectively recover. However, many athletes are training hard but they’re not training appropriately, they are not recovering, which leads to lackluster performances, injuries and sometimes drop out.

Don Moxley, Exercise Physiologist/Sport Scientistmoxley head shot (2)

Don is an experienced leader in performance management having worked with athletes at all levels. Highly skilled sports scientist with over 30 years experience in elite sports performance. An exercise physiologist by training, Don specializes in fitness and athletic assessment, player training and performance optimization.

Don’s expertise includes extensive use of wearable technology for assessment purposes. He is experienced using Omegawave, Firstbeat, Polar, Mio, Heartmath, Zephyr, Velotron, Halo as well as many other tools. For the last several years, Don has been focused on supporting the Ohio State University Wrestling Team. His other prior experience includes working as an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Exercise Science program at Urbana University, owner of Lemonade Neighborhood Fitness, founder and CEO of ViA Performance Systems, Director of Sales for Polar Electro, and coach at The Ohio State University. Don has also directed training programs for Olympic Medalists, NCAA All-Americans, professionals, fitness clubs, physical education programs and sports organizations across the continent.

Don wrestled for The Ohio State University where he captained the team and earned a Big 10 Championship in 1985. Don remains close to leading edge solutions by teaching and conducting research in physiology, kinesiology, exercise physiology and nutrition. Don devotes his personal time to supporting his wife and daughter’s lacrosse dreams.