There are a lot of modern day training tools that when used correctly, lead to improved performance.  There are also many modern (and some ancient) tools that can dramatically affect recovery.   Using modern technology can provide biomarkers that can guide the use of recovery tools.  Tools like nutrition, meditation and supplements.  Cannabis can be an excellent tool of recovery.  But used incorrectly, can make your situation even worse.

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for millennia as medicine.  Like any plant there is a tremendous range in the differences between strains of the plant.  Just like apple trees have a range, Fuji’s to Granny Smiths, so to does cannabis.  The range of strains (cultivars) express themselves with different “chemovar” characteristics.  Today most people recognize the difference in THCa and CBDa production.  It’s important to note that there can be more that 400 different active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) in a cannabis plant extraction.