Training Hard isn’t enough anymore.  A lot of people are training hard.  Some are doing work that isn’t leading improvement, it may actually be leading to our biggest threat, injury.  Athletes today have to make sure the work they are doing is leading to improved physical, mental and spiritual growth.  It’s possible now to measure work and progress!  I’ts possible to track if the work your doing is moving the needle to the right (good) or if it’s moving to the left (bad).

Most of the time when you drive your car,  everything is fine.  Same with your training. But occasionally a warning light will come on.  It could be a reminder that you’re low on gas,  or it could be far more important.  Tracking regular training parameters, and monitoring daily readiness means keeping an eye on your personal gas tank.  Most of the time,  this warning light is easily resolved.  But if there is a more serious concern, we can do diagnostic testing to  help you effectively correct the issue.